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Printwear (SASA PRINTWEAR PRIVATE LIMITED) is a dropshipping and print on demand Service Company that deals with developing Custom Printed T-shirts and it takes pride in offering its services to clients from all over the Indian nation. With branches in other prominent cities in India, the company has established its stronghold with regard to supremacy in creating stylish, charming and durable garments of various types. The company also aims to spread its services across the globe. Making use of high-quality fabric materials and a dedicated team, the company has accumulated a lot of renowned clients from different industrial verticals.


We offer the best quality at the most economical cost and that is why we have earned such a reputation as to be the best at what we do in this industry. For example, Couple T-shirts in India and all over the world are such a craze and it is Printwear (SASA PRINTWEAR PRIVATE LIMITED) which is the one-stop store for each, and every such need in the clothes oriented industry. Even when the team is doing the design work for the customers, the latter can get to know the progress regarding the work and make any changes should the need occur. The machines which we use in the printing work are of top quality and of cutting edge technology.
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Having earned the reputation as the best company when it comes to drop shipping in India & print on demand in India, Printwear (SASA PRINTWEAR PRIVATE LIMITED) has several decades of experience in realizing your dream of wearing a nice T-shirt or other types of clothes. What's more? We get your dreams realized and shipped within 48 hours which has been a proven track record. What are you waiting for? Get the image of your favorite logo and build your brand.
Due to the passion and hard work that we put in our services, we have earned well quite a huge reputation as our 100% satisfied clients refer other people to approach us despite stiff competition from other contenders. We work fervently and tirelessly to provide even more exceptional and quality focused services to satisfy your needs completely.


Our world class manufacturing facility has an in house production capacity of 3000-5000 t shirts a day, t shirt manufacturing in India, we have an end to end set up to complete a process of t shirts, our team comprises of expertise that has more than 40yrs experience in manufacturing of t shirt & other knitted garments.


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